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The Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC) community is made up of talented and dedicated supply chain, procurement and logistics professionals all over Asia.

Its community extends to more than 250,000 executives in Asia (30,000+ are in Greater China) and professionals on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wechat...

> Linkedin
View the GSCC group to connect and network professionally with 22,000+ professionals in supply chain, procurement and logistics all around Asia. Join the Linkedin group.

> Facebook Group
The Facebook group enable you to interact with fellow industry professionals and colleagues in a dynamic, electronic social environment with relevant content, videos, and pictures. Check them out here.

> WhatsApp Groups
The group discussions are open 24/7 and you can share content, ask questions, provide advice and help each other solve some of your supply chain or logistics issues... BY INVITATION ONLY.

> WeChat (for China only)
Follow its founder on WeChat and interact in the various discussions groups moderate by our team in China. Groups include hot topics like supply chain, rail logistics, e-commerce logistics, customs/trade compliance, cold chain and more... Just search for GSCC's Founder "maxbhenry" within WeChat, connect with him and message to be invited to the groups.

> Twitter
Get the latest news and information from GSCC, find and follow your colleagues, and engage in an ongoing discussion about supply chain and operations management. Follow us on Twitter.

> Pinterest
Each week, the Council curates infographics and other interesting visuals related to supply chain, logistics and procurement. Follow GSCC Boards